Crooked Creek Pistol League

Area 5 / Ohio North Section

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Our parent club is Crooked Creek Conservation Club

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Our next USPSA Pistol match is

 July 20-21, 2024

6 Stages - ??? rounds

Register on
until Friday, July 19th @ 8PM

Setup on Friday, July 19th starting at
9:00 AM (Stage layout) & 4:00 PM (Final Inspection and nail down).


 Please arrive at 9:00 AM to help us finish setup. We will shoot when setup is complete.
Squads on Saturday (2, 4 & 6 and more if needed).


6 Squads (11-16) will start shooting at 9:00 AM on Sunday. That means be here before 8 AM!!!
3 Squads (21, 22 & 23 and more if needed) at ~1:00 PM on Sunday if at least 12 sign up and commit to staying until everything is put back into the barn.
Sunday, please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your squad start time.
Sunday morning sign in: 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM
you MUST be signed in by 8:30 to shoot in the morning!!!

Arrival times:
Saturday morning - 9:00 AM.
Sunday morning - no later than 8:00 AM and registered by 8:30 AM
Sunday Afternoon - 12:00 Noon
Late arrivals delay the squad start time for EVERYONE!

If you are not signed in or in line by 8:30 AM on Sunday morning,
then you WILL have to wait until 1:00 PM to shoot.
No one enjoys watching me scramble to sync the tablets after someone strolls in at 8:50 to register.

Shooters are amazed at how much work has to be done to get the squads ready to shoot by 9:00 AM.
Squads need to be evened up, unsquad all of the no-shows, ensure there are at least 2 RO's on each squad, sync all of the tablets, and hold the new shooters brief and then the Shooters meeting. When you stroll in at 8:45, that just throws a monkey wrench in the whole works.
DON'T be that guy or gal!

Do NOT exceed the 10 MPH Speed Limit on the club road.

Please!!! do NOT park in front of the 50 yard bays, the two rifle ranges or the east end of the 5-Stand!
Leave those open for club members to use those ranges.
Park in the parking lot or on the south side of the Steel Storage building.
Angle parking ONLY. Exit to the east between the steel building and the outhouse.
The parking area has been fixed. No excuses!

Refer to the Maps to our Ranges page for a detailed map showing how to get back to the range and where to park.

The detailed link works fine in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Chrome does not. Just navigate to the bottom of the maps page to see the detail maps.

Contact Bud Connolly at 440-259-3512 or stats_Bud a-t practicalpistol d-o-t net

June 15-16, 2024 Match Results are up at PractiScore!

Match results are posted at before I leave the range on Sunday.
Use the search box and enter Crooked Creek to find all of our matches.

Latest Match Results posted at USPSA
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for Crooked Creek Pistol League
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Join USPSA at our match and your first entry is free.
Curent USPSA members: bring proof of renewal to the match.

2023 Season Results

2023 results are the best 5 of 6 matches based on Percentage for Combined and by Division.
 (not including the Battle for the North Coast)

Pistol Caliber Carbine

PCC Rules Addendum
PCC Best Practices
Appendix D8 (Pistol Caliber Carbine Division) Updated September 2016
PCC Un-cased pistol caliber carbines must be carried shouldered or slung from the shoulder or held in the hands with the firearm reasonably vertical.
Match Directors may require this to be "vertically upwards" or "vertically downwards" providing this is made clear to all competitors in a reasonable manner.
Un-cased Pistol Caliber Carbines will be carried Vertically Upwards at Crooked Creek Pistol League matches.

Here are two MUST watch videos!
Power Factor Show
Volunteering in the Shooting Sports
Range Etiquette

6 Pistol Bays

Bay 6 Bay 5 Bay 4 Bay 3 Bay 2 Bay 1

See the For Sale page

New ads for rifle brass (Win .308 and 7.62 x 51) and a CR Speed belt and mag pouches.

For Questions - contact Bud (stats underbar Bud a-t practicalpistol d-o-t net)
or Ed (
hen3ry a-t practicalpistol d-o-t net).

For Match results or web page issues - contact Bud (stats underbar Bud a-t practicalpistol d-o-t net).

How to make a .50 cal barrel.

Weather stations near the range

Rock Creek, OH Rome, OH Montville, OH
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